Unique photo collection of the past 20 years from Hong Kong.

Cats, but not pets. Cats are sensitive, yet active; lazy and silent; tame, or arrogant.

They live along with humans in cities. People may not even notice these little friends next to their door every day. They are stealthy. If you look around the eaves or some corners in the streets, you may see them. If you glance in the grass in some little garden near your home, you may see them. And, if you take a little bit more time to observe, you will know they are not pets as you see on TV or in magazines.

It is amazing to see these little friends living in a metropolis like Hong Kong. They are animals as we are, and living together in the same beloved city. This is a book capturing the daily life of these wonderful animals in the streets of Hong Kong (and some Macau's, too!).
- duties : Photography, Graphic Design -

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